What Is The Skill Leader Program?

We are an online movement of young people who believe that skilling should be a part of academics. We believe that education needs changes and we take initiative to make those changes happen. Be a part of our diverse team as ambassadors that leads the change in education. Your leadership and influencing journey start here!

This program has a community of young and passionate change-makers endeavoring to enable the nation’s youth towards employability and promoting the most-needed 21st-century skills to students all around!



Application Process

Fill out the Application Form

Undergo Selection Process

Program Induction


Start creating an impact

Levels of
The Skill Leader Program

  Skill Influencer

This is the Level 1 of the internship program. Skill Influencers will work on the marketing of Glocal Courses and bringing traction online, building operations and obtaining matches, and advertising on various social media platforms. They will have the creative freedom to market our courses in their college/Universities. Skill Influencers get Promoted to the next level of internship on successful completion of the given tasks from Level 1.

  Skill Leader

This will be the Level 2 of this internship opportunity. Skill Leaders lead the revolution of skilling by creating and mentoring an A-team and ace at leadership skills and operations. They represent Glocal at different events and build marketing and operations strategies.

Do you like to lead people? Would you want to influence people?

Join our innovative internship program and skyrocket your career while making an impact!


Become An Influencer

Be the ultimate torch-bearer of change in your college. Change how your peers learn and get skilled.

Make An Impact

Be a forerunner in the field of education. Bridge the gap between academia and skills.

Internship Certificate

Internship certificates that boast your leadership and influencing skills in college will help glorify your CV and make for dazzling stories for your interviews.

Work From Home

Work and get skilled without disturbing your studies and working from home.

Learning Opportunities

Learn leadership,  marketing, reporting, communication, and networking!

Get Paid for Making an Impact!

This is a paid internship opportunity for students.

Frequently Asked Questions

1 What is The Skill Leader Program?

The Skill Leader is an innovative internship opportunity for students in the domain of sales and marketing powered by Glocal.

2Should we pay for this internship?

 No, you don't have to pay any amount for this internship program. You might in fact earn a good stipend while doing this internship!

3Who can apply?

Students in higher education, under graduation and post-graduation and having strong leadership and interpersonal skills(Or want to build those attributes), can apply. Preferred experience in college fests, societies, and clubs.

4How long is this internship?

The tenure of this internship will be three month.

5What are the working hours?

The working hours are flexible but interns might have to spare an hour in the evening.

6How much stipend will I get?

We are offering Performance-Based incentives and benefits. Well-performing interns will also get promotions.

7What is the application process?

Fill out this form to apply. After preliminary selection, you will be contacted by the Glocal team for further selection criteria.

8What happens after we apply?

The applicants will receive a telephonic interview call for the selection process.




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